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The Superstatic 449 is a battery – or mains powered static compact heat meter. It
is used in building automation or in district or local heating to record the consumption dependent thermal or cooling energy for the billing of thermal energy consumption costs. It covers the range of lower flow rates and energy quantities. The Superstatic 449 meets the requirements of the European guideline MID-2004/22/EC and the standard EN 1434 class 2. The Superstatic 449 is designed on the basis of the proven fluid oscillation principle used exclusively by Sontex. Due to the use of a static flow sensor, the heat meter Superstatic 449 does not have any moving parts and thus no wear. The fluid oscillation principle guarantees a high stability and repeatability for a reliable and precise measurement of flow and thermal energy.


The Superstatic 449 can be used in the following fields:

- Thermal heat energy
- Energy for the production of cooling energy with water


Main Features:

- For flows of qp 0.6 – 2.5 m3/h
- Superstatic 449 240v, 24Vac, 12-24Vdc or Battery Powered
- Various Output Options Including ‘Volt Free’ Pulse Output
- Temperature Range -20C to 90C
- SuperStatic Meter – with no moving parts
- Suitable for Glycol (programming available Q1 2012)
- Sizes DN15 & DN20 (qp0.6 to qp2.5)
- Fully EN1434 Class 2 & MID Approved
Department of Energy & Climate Change RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) scheme compliant