Sontex Superstatic 440


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Sontex Superstatic 440 Installation Instructions

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Main features:

Superstatic flow sensors are optimized for the measurement and calculation of energy consumption in district heating systems. They are also extremely well suited to use purely as volumetric flow meters for various media.

- Interchangeable measuring head
- Comprehensive range 1 – 10 m3/h
- Purchase and maintenance costs are reasonable compared with other static flow sensors
- Corrosion resistant materials
- Threaded and flange fittings
- No calming sections necessary up to DN40
- No moving parts, therefore no wear
- not sensitive to dirt
- durable
- Can be installed virtually anywhere
- Common spare parts 1 – 10 m3/h
- Dynamic range 1 : 50 at 40– 400 m3/h
- Direct pick-up of voltage pulses without reflectors
- Measurement irrespective of medium
- Long-term, stable, accurate and reliable measurement, even if water quality is poor