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Compact design

MULTICAL 402 is the compact meter with minimum installation requirements that offers you maximum functionality at a competitive price. You can easily read both current, accumulated and target values direct from the display or via hand-held terminal. All log values can be read and analysed via the PC program LogView. Pulse outputs for energy and volume guarantee simple connection to building automation. Alternatively, you can choose two pulse inputs for connection of water meter.

Extended longevity

MULTICAL 402 is maintenancefree and the integral flow sensor ASIC guarantees you the most accurate compact meter on the market. The 16-year D-cell battery is a supply source that will last as long as the meter. Alternatively, you can choose a 6-year 2xAA-cell battery to be replaced when the meter needs reverification.
Thus, the consumers obtain the most accurate consumption billing and the operating costs are reduced.

Wireless freedom

Remote reading of the compact meter MULTICAL 402 means wireless freedom to quickly obtain optimal data safety and top flexibility.
MULTICAL 402 and Wireless M-Bus provide you with a Plug and Play installation – easy to mount.
Wireless M-Bus is one-way radio communication with open protocol. MULTICAL® 402 with Wireless M-Bus is read by a Wireless M-Bus Reader. You can also read the meter by means of a USB Meter Reader, a hand-held terminal or AMR.

MULTICAL 402 – compact on the outside, multifunctional on the inside

The compact meter MULTICAL® 402

MULTICAL 402 is a compact meter which consists of a calculator, a flow sensor based on ultrasound and two temperature sensors. According to EN1434 this means in practice that flow sensor and calculator of a compact meter must not be separated. If flow sensor and calculator have been separated and the seals have, thus, been broken, the meter needs reverification.

MULTICAL 402 calculator

Kamstrup’s calculators are based on state of the art heat technology. The advanced calculator is used together with the widest flow sensor range on the market, and even at minimum temperature differences the measuring accuracy is unequalled.

Ultrasonically based flow sensor

More than 20 years’ experience has proved that the ultrasonic principle is most reliable in the long run. The volume is measured using bidirectinal ultrasonic technique according to the transit time method. Simultaneously, two ultrasonic transducers send sound signals with and against the flow direction respectively.

The flow sensor range for MULTICAL® 402 comprises meters between qp 0,6 m³/h and qp 15 m³/h. MULTICAL® 402 is used for heat, cooling and combined heat and cooling measurement in all water-based systems with temperatures from 2°C to 130°C. The meter registers the heat consumption in all water-based heating installations with temperatures from 15°C to 130°C and in combined heat and cooling installations from 2°C to 130°C.

The unique temperature measuring circuit and the accurately matched Pt500 temperature sensors guarantee reliable measuring results. The long-term stability and accuracy of the flow sensor are not influenced by the flow velocity. Even if the nominal velocity is doubled, the long-term stability and accuracy of the flow sensor are unchanged.
Accuracy class 2 or 3, wide dynamic range (qp/qi 100:1), and the high permanent overload capability (qs/qp 2:1) are standard features.